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Dr Garth Lean
Dr Garth LeanLecturer in Geography and Urban Studies

Garth Lean is a travel/tourism/mobilities/digital researcher, and Lecturer in Geography and Urban Studies, at Western Sydney University, Australia. His research and writing primarily investigates experiences of physical travel in a modern, mobile world. He holds an applied science degree in environmental management and tourism, an honours degree in tourism management and an interdisciplinary PhD. Garth has also worked in tourism planning and marketing with local and state governments.

Garth’s research has been published in a variety of papers, along with the monograph Transformative Travel in a Mobile World (CABI, 2015) and several eBooks. He has also edited a number of books, including: Travel and Imagination (Ashgate, 2014), Travel and Transformation (Ashgate, 2014) and Travel and Representation: Past, Present, Future (forthcoming). For more information see the Publications page.

Garth is a Vice President of The Geographical Society of New South Wales and a member of the Geographies of Leisure and Tourism Research Group with the Royal Geographical Society.

Transformative Travel Team

Brittany Wilcockon
Brittany WilcockonResearch Assistant (2016–)